Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Weekend music

I sort out the guff, so you don't have to. Unless you really really want to.

Friday 13th November

[V.V.Brown - Cockpit]

A bit like The Noisettes, but more soul based. Catchy 60s-influenced tunes and deserves a bigger following. Just ignore the hair.

[The Paper Chase - Brudenell]

Eccentric emo, bewildering videos. I'd only go if they promised to have actual decapitated people there.

[La Roux - Stylus]

The daughter of June from The Bill. The one who did Something About Mary hair before Dannii or Jedward. Excellently executed synthpop.

[Dinosaur Pile-Up - The Well]

Pointy guitar? Check. Floppy haired singer? Check. Namechecking something abtract ie. dinosaurs? Check. Thrashy, bouncy rock. Oh to be 17 again...

[Gentleman's Dub Club - Fav]

Leeds-based dub outfit do their stuff. Some of the tracks I've viewed don't seem to ever kick in enough, but it DOES make you want to dance.

Saturday 14th November

[Frankie & the Heartstrings - Nation Of Shopkeepers]

If Dexy's and Morrissey had a below average lovechild.

[Zombina & The Skeletones - Mine]

Punk rock. And vampires. Yup.

[Esser - Elbow Rooms]

Looks like he could stand in for La Roux. Sounds like he might break out into Parklife at any moment. Mishmash influences and catchy tunes.

[DeLorean Drivers - The Library]

Layers of influences and sounds. Boy/girl oooooh-eee-oooooh vocals. If the Eurythmics had a punch up with some New Romantics down a back alley aided by some twangy guitars. In a really good way.

[Emmure - Rios]

The lead singer looks like a fat, bloated Danny Dyer pretending to be in Grange Hill. Sounds like he's trying poo lumps of coal.

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