Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Leeds International Film Festival

The 23rd Leeds International Film Festival (LIFF) is currently rolling out an eclectic and enticing programme which runs until the 22nd Nov.

Despite the fact that it is in its 23rd year, there is a notion that LIFF is just for media students and movie geeks. And whilst I'm sure there is a selection of the programming which may only appeal to certain types of viewer, there is certainly something on offer for everyone! Each year the festival gets bigger, better and bolder - and tries to bring you an even more packed schedule than the previous year!

This year LIFF has chosen
A Nation Of Shopkeepers as its 'Festival hub' - a handy venue to promote films, live music and other events coinciding with the festival. It's a relaxed place, well-positioned in terms of film venues and is eagerly supporting all LIFF events.

The Festival is split up into a few sections:

Official Selection - this highlights the new work from some of the most exciting and talented filmmakers out there, and also includes some much loved archive pieces of film making too. It's a great starting point for anyone new to the festival experience.

Cinema Versa - the collective home for radical, thought provoking and imaginative documentaries, live events and personal projects based around the two main themes of music and human rights. Get ready to be inspired by what you see.

Cherry Kino - the quirky sibling in the festival family. Cherry Kino showcases 'wondermental' films. Basically, these are dreamy, gorgeous, poignant, bizarre shorts and films which make you wonder. This years theme is 'Revolting Bodies'.

Short Film City - pretty self-explanatory, but well worth a look. This arena brings you some of the most groundbreaking and charming short films from both the UK and international circuit - and also a section devoted to homegrown Yorkshire talent. Watch them and take note of their names.

Fanomenon - takes the fantasy genre and puts together the best horror, action, sci-fi, animation and Far Eastern cinema. This section of the festival often contains some real hidden gems. Great if you want to try something you might not normally watch.

One of the most loved attractions from recent years is the
Night Of The Dead all nighter at the Hyde Park Picture House, which this year gets to add another element to its bloodthirsty and gut-wrenching programme by being broadcast on Friday 13th November!

For those comic book aficionados amongst you there is also
the 3rd Thought Bubble comic book convention which is being held on 21st November and features artists, writers and titles from around the world.

Below you can find an online guide to the festival, to browse at your leisure. I really do urge you to go check something out at the festival - it is the perfect chance to dip into a genre you may normally bypass. Take a chance, you'll probably be pleasantly surprised!

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